In pig marketing there is a high economic optimization potential.

A recent research at Purdue University has quantified losses in sort and classification in a range between $2.12 and $3.86 per pig. Our experience on the floor, applying hogGuru formarketing decision, raises benefits till more than €5 per pig.

​Pig marketing decisions are the result of two different phases:

  • Pigs’ weight forecast week by week.
  • Marketing decision: how many pigs to market, when, to which abattoir.
hogGuru utilizes statistical models to determine:
  • Average growth curve of the pigs along the weeks the lot stays in the fattening farm.
  • Weight variations respect to average growth curve, i.e. pigs weight distributions per ranges above and below weight median curve.

The outputs are growth curves adjusted to each farm, that include into calculations:

  • Genetics combinations.
  • Farms physical conditions.
  • Farm management.

Growth curves are then adjusted to each lot including into calculations lot’s specific information (i.e average weight at entry, mortality, consumption, etc.)

The result is a very accurate weight forecast of the whole lot, with a relative margin of error of between 2% – 3%.

With the information of weekly weights forecast, hogGuru utilizes an optimization mathematical model that:
  • Analyses all possible marketing alternatives combining: number of animals / weeks / abattoirs / transportation.
  • Calculate operational margin of each one of the alternatives.
  • Propose the alternative with highest margin.

Taking into account:

  • Sale prices.
  • Feeding cost.
  • Abattoir penalizations.
  • Costs of transport.
  • Integration cost (rent per place / cost per animal)
hogGuru advantages:
  • More precision in the whole process.
  • Reduced margins of error.
  • Easier decision making.
  • Increased benefits.
  • It does not require software installation.
  • It does not require a massive data entry
  • Provides information in real time.
  • Improved farm profitability:
    Results obtained till the date using hogGuru have confirmed margin improvements of up to 10%.
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