Accurate decision making on daily base management has a great impact on sow farms profitability.

For many years now, sow farms have been collecting detailed information on each animal, with the support of informatics systems, in order to organize farm activities and to monitor effects of management decisions on technical and economical results.

One of the decisions with highest impact on farm’s profitability is the selection of sows to replace. It requires the analysis of a lot of information on animals in the farm, combine it with costs and expected revenue, to finally make decisions which end up being necessarily biased.

Calibrated to each farm

In sowGuru all this information is translated into more than 50 different economical and technical input for the algorithm at its base. A comprehensive program that includes all relevant aspects of the farm and animals, current and historical.

Sows valuation

With all the information -big data- sowGuru uses probabilistic calculation to define the economic potential of each one of the sows in the farm.

Once the economic potential of each animal has been defined, to identify sows to be replaced it’s a matter of listing all animals and compare each other value: a simple task!

sowGuru advantages:
  • Reduces margin of error in sows replacement selection.
  • Drastically reduces time required in replacement decision process.
  • Indicates decisions to be taken in order to optimize farm structure per cycle.
  • No installation required.
  • No massive data entry required.
  • Automatically connected to the farm management system.
  • Real-time processing.
  • Improve farm profitability.
    The results obtained to date with the use of sowGuru have confirmed margin improvements of up to 7%.
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